By choosing the right color of light and by the form of lighting focus, we can influence the well-being of users and how they perceive the interior.
Moreover, with the development of LED technology and the development of research on its impact on the human body, newer solutions appear, thanks to which the luminaires gain additional functionalities. We are happy to introduce them to our offer, because we want the use of our products to be as comfortable as possible.

Since in previous newsletters we wrote about the role of general lighting, this time in the TIP section we discuss the issue of focused light, which is also important when lighting interiors.
Spot light and diffused light are often combined in space lighting design. We develop our product line with this in mind.

We want you to have a large selection of types of lighting within a given series - both in terms of the method of mounting the luminaire, as well as the choice of color, light source and dimming technology.
We are very happy to introduce to our offer modern, industrial Vectris luminaires designed by Magdalena Klimas and Artur Śleziak. Luminaires are characterized by a light form and original shape. Their industrial design perfectly harmonizes with modern interiors, giving them a unique character. Luminaires are available in two lighting options: with focused light and with general light.


Vectris Z (variant with focused light) is a luminaire equipped with 12.3 W lenses, it gives a very soft focused light and very subtly illuminates the space. A specially selected lens structure softens the light and reduces contrasts that are tiring for the eye. It absorbs 8% of light and distorts its color only in 6%. Thanks to this, as well as the fact that the beam angle of the lenses used is 60 °, we obtain the highest quality light. These luminaires are available in Sunlike technology.


Vectris + Z (variant with general light). The luminaire has a built-in LED module and a prismatic diffuser that absorbs approximately 8% of the light. Thanks to its structure, it directs the light at an angle of 60 °, which allows you to focus the entire lighting power on, for example, a worktop. Provides even lighting and reduces glare. The luminaire provides general light with greater power, making it ideal not only in restaurants, but also in office spaces and homes.


The Firefly series designed by the MIXD studio from Wrocław is joined by the Firefly T floor lamp. Lamps from this series not only resemble magic skylights - they have a very elegant aluminum body, finished with a delicate glass shade - but just like them, they offer unique, atmospheric light. Firefly T are desk luminaires in two variants (A and B). Luminaires available in Sunlike technology.

We invite you to the publication section, and in it another TIP entitled The role of focused light in a lighting system (reflectors and lenses).