Vectris Z

Vectris is a new series of suspended luminaires designed by Magdalena Klimas and Artur Śleziak. Luminaires are characterized by a light form and original shape. Their industrial design perfectly harmonizes with modern interiors, giving them a unique character. Luminaires are available in two lighting options: with focused light and with general light.
Vectris Z for basic, general, version + supplementary and spot lighting. Perfect for offices, studios, apartments, showrooms and premises such as clubs, galleries, restaurants.

Vectris Z (variant with focused light). The luminaire, equipped with 6.5 W lenses, gives a very soft focused light and very subtly illuminates the space. The lenses are made of exceptionally pure glass from the renowned Preciosa glassworks. A specially selected structure softens the light and reduces contrasts that are tiring for the eye. It absorbs 8% of light and distorts its color only in 6%. Thanks to this, as well as the fact that the lighting angle of the lenses used is 60 °, we obtain the highest quality light.

These luminaires are available in the Sunlike technology, which makes the emitted light resemble sunlight. The full spectrum of such light allows for faithful color reproduction, improves mood and concentration. An additional advantage of Sunlike LEDs is also that when dimming the luminaires, the dynamics of colors is maintained.


Vectris Z (variant with general light). The luminaire has a built-in LED module with a total power of 16.8 W and a prismatic diffuser that absorbs approximately 8% of the light. Thanks to its structure, it directs the light at an angle of 60°, which allows you to focus the entire lighting power on, for example, a worktop. Provides even lighting and reduces glare. The luminaire provides general light with greater power, making it ideal not only in restaurants, but also in office spaces.
These luminaires are available in the TRIAC dimming system.

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