Artur Śleziak

As a co-founder of the company, Artur is responsible for its strategic development and R&D. He is the person who addresses the customers’ needs by coming up with conceptions that make Chors fittings even more user-friendly.


Artur is constantly on the lookout for solutions that can translate into the company’s competitive advantage. He designed the Myco series to respond to the negative trend of building interiors with an insufficient number of power points.

“One family of lamps and many ways of lighting” – this is how the series could be described in a nutshell. The fittings offer the possibility of adjusting the beam angle and are easy to combine in groups.

Myco also provides a response to illuminating rooms with different heights.




What always matters to Artur is the practical and economical aspect of each new design as well as its impact on human health.

He is particular about the choice of materials to be used in new products, paying special attention to how easily they can be recycled once they will no longer be used.

If it is necessary to use plastics, he always selects environmentally-friendly materials which will still look attractive after many years of use.

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