The use of luminaires in LED technology increases the execution and design possibilities of lighting systems. Mainly due to the fact that LED technology - including Sunlike technology - allows for a free choice of light color and diversified lighting dynamics, which in turn facilitates the creation of the right atmosphere or mood in the interior. Conventional, older technologies with replaceable light source do not provide such possibilities. In addition, the dynamic lighting that we obtain by using spotlights has a positive effect on our sense of comfort in a given place. Provided, of course, that the headlamps are used in the right way.

Also when it comes to the work of our eye, the best lighting effect is achieved by dynamic lighting - i.e. a combination of diffused (general) and point (focused) light. General light is needed to evenly illuminate the space and can be installed in all rooms. On the other hand, spot lighting, which is provided by, among others, spotlights or downlights, accentuates selected objects and points in the room and gives the space a three-dimensional character. That is why it is so important that the distribution of focused lighting points is adapted to the functions of a given place.


Chors spotlights are designed to be mounted on the wall, on the ceiling or in the track. They allow for even illumination of the room with general light, but also - thanks to focused light and adjustment of the lighting angle - they allow for accentuating selected interior elements or lighting the space.

Pan Pablo store, Wrocław, design: Paweł Przybylski, photo: STROP Studio 

Chors offers many different types and different types of headlamps, manufactured with LED and Sunlike LED technology.
"When choosing reflectors, we must remember that their proper placement and good light orientation is very important, as well as the right choice of light color or the possibility of dimming it in the TRIAC or DALI system, because these factors affect the general character and quality of lighting as well as its uniformity" - emphasizes Artur Śleziak, the co-founder of Chors.
When designing interiors such as offices, workplaces, children's rooms, special care should be taken when placing point light sources. The use of only focused lighting in the room leads to a deterioration of concentration and is troublesome for our eyes.

The lenses are an extremely important component of the headlamps, which, depending on the quality, can produce a different shining effect. The essence of the lighting fixtures we produce is the most faithful reproduction of the colors of the illuminated space and the enhancement of the color depth. Therefore, when choosing components for our lamps, we choose those that not only have the appropriate parameters, but above all do not distort the light.


One of such components is a glass lens which - thanks to the smooth adjustment of the beam angle - enables the illumination of objects with light with a diameter adjusted to the size of objects.


Its uniqueness is also the fact that it is made of glass from the Czech factory Precioza - one of the oldest and most experienced glassworks in Europe. The special structure of the glass distorts the light up to 8%, depending on the wavelength. Our offer includes lighting fixtures that allow you to change the lighting angle from 15 ° to 40 ° or from 15 ° to 50 °. It gives a wide range of possibilities to adjust the light beam to the individual needs of the user.


The lenses we use soften the light. This allows for the natural character of the illuminated object or the entire interior - both in focused light and in more diffused light, which is emitted by lenses with a wider beam angle of 60 °.
Thanks to such a high luminous efficiency, we obtain a constant, very effective light source that reliably reflects colors.
Modern lens production technology and certified glass purity ensure high quality of lighting. With such light, we can build a unique atmosphere in spaces with various uses and enjoy the unique atmosphere of interestingly lit interiors.

Photographs: STROP Studio
1. Chick Optique, optical salon, design: PL.Architekci, Poznań
2. Dram: Whisky Explorers Bar, Poznań, Supplier and project support company: LUMENS.EXPERT, Poznań
3. Len i Bawełna Restaurant, Łódź, Supplier and project support company: Milionova Fabryka Designu, Łódź