Magdalena began her cooperation with Chors when she was still at university – she did her student practice in our department of design. As a result, designs for the Vectris, Kangoo and Orionis series emerged. Each of them used LED technology, which was revolutionary at the time. We decided to include the Orionis series in our product range, which has been modified many times since then and, despite the passage of time, sells very well.


Orionis is a lamp that can be mounted on the wall. Its energy-saving light will add a subtle touch to restaurants, bedrooms, halls or children’s rooms. Charging with only 4W of power, it has an inbuilt power supply and emits an eye-friendly kind of light, which is reflected by the wall. Made entirely of aluminium, the lamp also contains a radiator, which guarantees a long lifespan of the LED module. 

The design was the first – and therefore important – step in Magdalena’s way towards the world of detail design. She used a variety of simple techniques to obtain a maximally appealing visual effect.

Novotel Warszawa Centrum

design  - Tremend
photos - Strop Studio


product session - The Light Box

photoshoot concept - Magdalena Lasota
photos - Studio Strop