Lighting in the modern world is very important. We spend a large part of our time indoors - in offices, restaurants and homes. At Chors, we focus on light quality and make sure that the colors are still attractive and friendly when you adjust the light intensity. That is why we are so eager to use the Sunlike technology, about which we will write more in the next newsletters. However, apart from the development of technology, we also try to develop cooperation with designers who contribute to the development of our brand.

We are pleased to present the first products from the Otel series.

Otel is a series of minimalist luminaires created by Buck.Studio designed on the basis of rotary solids: a cone, sphere and cylinder, which are the basic element of the collection and its hallmark.
The Otel series allows a wide selection of lighting types depending on the individual needs of the recipient. The variety of variants of the series allows the selection of the direction of light emitted from the luminaire, up or down and gives the opportunity to create many combinations based on the three above-mentioned solids.
Otel Z is the first installment of the Otel series. The luminaires can be used in two versions: individually with a base (Otel Z) or in arrangements composed of several fittings designed for the Ready 4 Snap system (Otel ZS).


RA Mini is a luminaire designed for ceiling or wall mounting. It can be used individually or in a group. The luminaires shine indirectly, illuminating the space soft and moody. Every change in the plate setting influences the direction of the incident light.

The new version of Pick Me is a kind of compromise between focused and general light. The luminaires of this series provide strong, dynamic light, while maintaining a 60-degree light angle, receding light source and limited glare. Lamps are distinguished by easy installation and increased tightness, so they can be used in most suspended ceilings, including those in the bathroom.





As part of another portion of practical tips, we have prepared on our site some practical information about the Ready 4 Snap system that we are developing. We encourage you to read.

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