The Ready 4 Snap system was created from the frequent need to adapt lighting systems to development solutions with prepared electricity. We have had the SNAP system in our offer for several years, because it is a convenient and simple way to obtain effective lighting. One power outlet is enough to connect several luminaires and use the space above the table or on the staircase.

On the website and in the Chors 2020 price list, we isolated luminaires that are prepared for use with the SNAP system (marked as "ZS" - in this case the cable length is 3 m), and a complete version, with a base and a power supply (marked "Z" - cable length is 1.5 m).



The Ready 4 Snap system offers the possibility of connecting many different luminaires to one spline and laying cables in specially prepared holders.

Low-voltage fittings prepared for the Ready 4 Snap system are powered by a specially selected cable, which is thin, durable and easy to straighten.



A new category For the SNAP system has appeared on our site, in which we have identified luminaires for this system. An indispensable accessory is the SNAP base, which is selected for the individual lamp configuration.