Pick Me

Eye-catching Pick Me fittings are a kind of compromise between focused and general light. The luminaires of this series provide strong, dynamic light, while maintaining a 60-degree light angle, receding light source and limited glare.
Focused lighting with a wide beam angle. Perfect for the bathroom, kitchen and hallway, as well as in the living room, office, hotel, restaurant or other home spaces.



Lamps stand out a clear form, thanks to which you can create interesting graphic arrangements on the ceiling and easy installation and increased tightness, which is why they can be used in most suspended ceilings, including those in the bathroom. The built-in lens gives the highest quality of light available. It is obtained thanks to the exceptional purity of the glass of the renowned Preciosa smelter. The specially selected structure softens the light and eliminates eye-straining contrasts. It absorbs 8% of light and distorts its color only 6%.
The best on the market, selected LEDs provide safe light for many years, and a high color rendering index allows you to enjoy in the interior vibrant colors, close to nature.

In addition, by choosing Pick Me fittings you can choose the right color of light for your interior, for example:

2700 K - to emphasize the warm colors of the afternoon (this is ideal light for lighting from wood or meals; promotes rest)
3000 K - to emphasize warm colors and white (this is the perfect light to illuminate multi-colored spaces with the addition of white and black)
4000 K - for those who love winter, white and black colors of water

We offer two types of LEDs:

LED CRI ≥95 - a light that perfectly reflects colors. Fits everywhere where you do not need to dim the luminaires.
Sunlike CRI LEDs ≥97 - light that transfers sun energy to the interior. It gives a full spectrum of light, and above all maintains the qualities of natural light, and thus improves mood and concentration. It is in line with the healthiest trends of "Human Centric Lighting". It retains its color dynamics when dimming. It is an ideal solution for offices, restaurants, museums and for the home.

When choosing a light source, keep in mind that the higher the CRI, the better the color reproduction.

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