RA Mini

Ra Mini is a luminaire designed for ceiling or wall mounting. It can be used individually or in a group. The luminaires shine indirectly, illuminating the space soft and moody. Every change in the plate setting influences the direction of the incident light.
Ra Mini is indirect, complementary lighting for corridors, restaurants, bedrooms, and decorative arrangements.



The model is available in a version with the TRIAC dimming system. This allows you to easily adjust the light intensity to the individual needs of users.

The best on the market, selected LEDs provide safe light for many years, and a high color rendering index allows you to enjoy in the interior vibrant colors, close to nature.

You can choose the color of light for your interior:

2700 K - to emphasize the warm colors of the afternoon (ideal for lighting wood or meals; conducive to rest)
3000 K - to emphasize warm colors and white (ideal for lighting multi-colored spaces with the addition of white and black)
4000 K - for lovers of winter, white and black water colors


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