Otel Z

Otel is a series of minimalist luminaires created by Buck.Studio designed on the basis of rotary solids: a cone, sphere and cylinder, which are the basic element of the collection and its hallmark.
Otel Z is a series of suspended luminaires that give general light. The series is perfect for hotels, restaurants, shops, galleries, as well as in private interiors.

The Otel series provides a wide range of lighting types, depending on the individual needs of the recipient. A large number of variants in this series allows you to choose the direction of the light emitted by the luminaire up or down and offers the possibility of creating many combinations based on three luminaires. Due to the versatility of the Otel collection, the lamps perfectly match interiors with different purposes and character.

Otel Z is the first episode of the Otel series. Lamps can be used in two versions: individually with a base (Z designation) or in sets of several lamps. 



The luminaires are available with the SPR (Soft-Prism) diffuser, which reduces glare and at the same time offers the perfect way of lighting. The material used does not age, absorbs 10% of light and distorts its color in only 5%.

Integrated LED in Sunlike technology offers light that transfers the sun's energy to the interior. The full spectrum of sunlight allows for faithful reproduction of colors, and thus improves mood and concentration. Sunlike technology is in line with the "Human Centric Lighting" trend, which emphasizes how important light plays in our interiors and how it affects our health. An additional advantage of Sunlike is the fact that when dimming the luminaire color dynamics is maintained.



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