We are pleased to announce the official premiere of the new Chors 2020 catalog! We have a great reason to be happy that we have managed to do this and now - officially - we can share with you what we have been working intensively over the last months.Two years have passed since the publication of our last catalog, but we constantly adhere to the principle that lighting affects us and the surrounding space. It affects our well-being and it plays an important role in interior design. 

In the age of digitalization, we are very pleased with the next published hard copy of the catalog. We share it with you because we know that it is an integral part of the work of architects, designers or our distributors. This catalog was created for you. Together with the publication of new products, we will update our website, not only about new products, but also about new versions of existing models.

The new catalog was created from our fascination with light. Creating it, we planned to develop not only the product series, but also to use Sunlike diodes (SLED) more widely and implement new technologies such as Dim to Warm or Tunable White, which will have their premiere in June. It is very important for us to go with the times, but at the same time create timeless products that retain high lighting parameters throughout the period of use. That is why we consistently care about the quality of materials, precision of construction as well as functionality and design of products, which we hope, you will see for yourself.

Chors is not only a lighting manufacturer. Thanks to the cooperation with designers, we open to their visions of the lighting concept, because what counts for us is the aesthetics of products and their uniqueness. Combined with our knowledge and experience, these projects contain as many functions as possible, give the opportunity to choose a light source, color or dimming technology to achieve dynamic focused or general light in one series.


Some of our new products that you will find in the catalog have been designed by:


Fabian Baumann - co-founder and owner of the Berlin design studio Formfjord. Author of the Telescope and Reel series. This year, he designed the Tonic series for Chors.




BUCK.STUDIO - is an award-winning, multidisciplinary studio dealing in interior design, objects and visual identification. The authors of the Maia series. They designed the Otel series.



Magdalena Klimas - a graduate of Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. In designing, she prefers minimalism, as well as comprehensive and responsible solutions. Author of the design of Orionis and Vectris.


Piotr Kalinowski - co-founder and creative director of the MIXD studio in Wrocław. He designed Ambiente for us, and together with Joanna Mazurek (MIXD) created the Firefly series.




Daniel Becker from the Berlin design studio, focusing on innovative concepts in the field of lighting and furniture design, as well as the design of exhibitions and consumer products joined our team of designers. The author of the Moonlight series.


From this place, we would like to thank all the designers, architects, photographers and our distributors who contributed to the creation of this catalog. Thank you!


To receive the catalog, please contact our distributors. We also encourage you to contact us via the contact form.


Catalog version pdf. is available on the website after registering / logging into the download tab.

Below we present the new products already available for sale and the further implementation schedule of the new products:

Fusion L, Fusion RT, D

Otel Z, Otel Z V, RA Mini

Tonic Z, Flask IN, Flask ON, Subtil IN

Firefly Z, Firefly K, Maman TRC, Maman ON, Maman IN

Vectris, Firefly T series


From 28/09/2020 Luno K, Subtil S IN

from 5/10/2020 Otel and Otel T, Moi R K

from 12/10/2020 Otel M, new SNAP system, Touch Dimm for luminaires - Ambiente, Backlight, Flask T, Flask, Reel, Hello, Moi C IN, Myco 120 K, Firefly

from 19/10/2020 Backlight V, Backlight + Y, Flask and Flask T, Moonlight

from 26/10/2020 New Slim System, Touch Dimm for luminaires - Accent, Vectris, Slim line +

from 9/12/2020 New Accent System, Tunable White for Thiny Slim + Accent, Dim to Warm for the Maman + Ambiente series


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Best regards

Chors team

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