Piotr Kalinowski’s studio specialises in designing commercial spaces in the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants), offices and retail areas. Just like Chors, Piotr is strongly attached to Wrocław. He is passionate about sustainable development and always works in harmony with the environment and with respect for the user. While heading the Wrocław branch of Tremend, a design company, Piotr co-created designs that received awards in international competitions.

For Chors, he has designed the Ambiente and Dogirami lamps.


Piotr works on many levels; he appreciates harmony, but does not shirk away from experiments. He designed the Ambiente series in 2013. Thanks to a minimalist form, the lamps not only take up little space, but also create a graphic pattern on the wall. Based on LED technology, they offer top quality light while consuming a minimal amount of energy. The fittings can be mounted on the wall or placed on the floor. 

A short film telling the story of designing the Ambiente lamp

Camera and editing: Katia Apanova / STROP Studio

Dogirami is a decorative lamp that emits very pleasant light. Its form corresponds with modern interiors. As the name suggests, this gadget resembles an origami dog, although it is made from aluminium rather than paper. It can be used as a night lamp at home, or in an office or hotel as decoration.

Salon Noti we Wrocławiu

photos - Studio Strop