The choice of interior lighting is extremely important. Light creates a mood. It makes the spaces acquire color and character. The ideal solution in rooms is the use of both spot (focused) and general (diffused) light. Thanks to this combination, we gain greater control over the dynamics of space and its lighting.

Our next new products are luminaires that give focused light. With their help, we expose interesting details of the interior design and create the right mood.

In these models, the rays are concentrated in one place, so it is extremely important to be able to adjust the angle of illumination. Our fittings can illuminate the selected space and accentuate elements such as paintings, sculptures, bedside tables and bars. Perfect for showrooms or offices, as well as at home as additional lighting.

Important: When choosing focused light, keep in mind that this type of lighting creates a high contrast between light and shade.

We are pleased to announce the launch of new series that provide complementary lighting.


The new Tonic series is another design of the Formfjord studio setting in Berlin.

Tonic is a kind of compromise between simple, geometric shapes and a delicate form, which gives the luminaires a firm and expressive character. The Tonic series has been designed to blend in well with any type of interior. With its help, we can easily create effective lighting for restaurants, bars, hotels and home. Thanks to Sunlike LEDs and dimming option it can be used for night lighting of rooms. 



Flask is a series of minimalist spotlights equipped with a high-quality integrated LED light source. The simple form of the spotlight is ideally suited to modern interiors.

The new models of the Flask series are designed for surface mounting and in suspended ceilings. The luminaires have different heights, which is why they can be successfully used in rooms of different heights or to create any compositions from them. The elongated arm makes them ideal for lighting an image or other selected element of the interior that we want to particularly highlight.


Subtil is a new series of downlights. Illuminates space with dynamic and accent light. It is equipped with an integrated LED light source with the highest light parameters, with a limited glare effect. The advantages of this series are: compact size of the housing and easy assembly.



Due to the increasing use of Sunlike technology by us, we have prepared an article that explains the differences between standard LED light and SLED (Sunlike LED) light.