FORMFJORD focuses on minimalist, technologically-advanced designs for lamps, electrical devices and applications for the telecommunications industry. The idea for our cooperation emerged as a result of a networking event held by ITZ, an organisation from Berlin. Chors was invited by Wrocław University of Technology to contact selected members of ITZ. 

Fabian Baumann has designed the Telescope and Reel fittings for us.


Fabian has designed for us the Telescope and Reel lamps. The Reel series is intended to illuminate the most demanding interiors. The size of the light fittings makes it possible to use LED diodes with the power of up to 24W and the adequate power supply, TRIAC or DALI. The beam angle can be adjusted in the range of 15-50 degrees. The collection also includes freestanding Reel light fittings and smaller desk lamps.

Reel and Telescope light fittings are recommended for illuminating showrooms, museum exhibitions, shop windows or home interiors. They emit high-quality light similar to sunlight.


Pan Pablo store in Wrocław

design and production - Paweł Przybylski

lighting design - Chors 
photos - Strop Studio