Subtil IN

Subtil is a new series of downlights. Illuminates space with dynamic and accent light. It is equipped with an integrated LED light source with the highest light parameters, with a limited glare effect. The advantages of this series are: compact size of the housing and easy assembly. The luminaires are designed for mounting in a suspended ceiling. Due to the increased tightness, they can be used in rooms with higher humidity, for example in the bathroom.
The Subtil IN series is lighting with low and medium power, which works well in: relaxation zones, passageways, exhibitions and places characterized by high humidity levels. Not suitable for saunas.

Subtil IN fittings are available:

• in two diameters - 45 mm and 65 mm and in two powers - small about 600 lm and medium about 1200 lm.
• in Sunlike technology that gives light that transfers the sun's energy to the interior. The full spectrum of sunlight allows for faithful reproduction of colors, and thus improves mood and concentration. Sunlike technology is in line with the "Human Centric Lighting" trend, which emphasizes the important role of light in interior design and its impact on our health. An additional advantage of Sunlike LEDs is that when dimming the luminaire color dynamics is maintained.

We supply the Subtil IN series without a power supply, thanks to which you can choose for your installation either a power supply to which you will connect several luminaires or a power supply with TRIAC or DALI dimming technology.

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