Tonic ZS

The new Tonic series is another luminarie project of the Formfjord studio based in Berlin. The series fits into the design studio style. Like the Reel and Telescope series, it uses simple, geometric shapes and delicate form to give the luminaires a strong and distinctive character. The Tonic series is designed so as to fit well in any type of interior. You can use it to easily create a spectacular lighting for your restaurant, bar, hotel and home. Thanks to the Sunlike diodes and dimming options, it can be used for night-time room lighting.
Supplementary lighting, spot lighting with a wide range of applications: restaurants, bars, hotels, apartments.



We offer two options of luminaires: Tonic A and Tonic B. They can be used individually or together, combined into any composition. Luminaires are available in a base version (designation Z) and a version for Ready 4 Snap (designation ZS). 

Tonic luminaires have a built-in efficient LED source, and with the Sunlike technology they offer light that transfers the energy of the sun into the interior. The full spectrum of the sunlight allows for faithful colour reproduction and, consequently, improves your well-being and concentration. The Sunlike technology is in line with the "Human Centric Lighting" trend, which emphasises the importance of light in room design and its impact on our health. An additional advantage of the Sunlike diodes is that the colour dynamics are maintained when the luminaire is dimmed.

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