Moonlight ZS

Moonlight is a project of Daniel Becker - a Berlin designer who creates innovative concepts and designs for lighting, furniture, as well as exhibitions and consumer products. Moonlight was inspired by the lunar eclipse. The name of the luminaire is also derived from this phenomenon.
Focused lighting with indirect light is perfect for restaurants, galleries, clubs, hotels, showrooms, studios and residential interiors.

There are two light sources in Moonlight luminaires, thanks to which the lamps provide direct and indirect lighting. Downward light spreads at a 60-degree angle, while the upper light source is at 90 degrees. The housings have three diameters. If we combine different of them with each other, we will create beautiful spatial arrangements with a very pleasant light stream.


The lenses used are made of exceptionally pure glass from the renowned Preciosa glassworks. A specially selected structure softens the light and reduces contrasts that are tiring for the eye. It absorbs 8% of the light and distorts its color only in 6%.

Moonlight luminaires are available in the Sunlike technology, which makes the emitted light resemble sunlight. The full spectrum of such light allows for faithful color reproduction, improves mood and concentration. An additional advantage of Sunlike LEDs is also the fact that when dimming the luminaires, the dynamics of colors is maintained.

Moonlight ZS is a luminaire designed for the Snap system. The cable length is 3 meters.

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