Lighting in the bedroom is important because of the nature of the room and also because of its and the individual preferences of its users. As much as in all rooms we should care about the quality of light, in the bedroom we should think especially about what kind of light is best for us to rest and relax before going to bed.

What should you pay attention to when designing bedroom lighting? What areas of the bedroom should be illuminated?
Good lighting design in the bedroom is at a premium.

An extremely important factor is the proper placement of fixtures. In addition to general lighting, which is not always necessary, we should take care of additional points of light, selected according to functional zones. Then we can be sure that each zone will be properly illuminated, and the whole interior will have the right atmosphere.

In the electrical design of the bedroom most often we have:
- main lighting (usually general lighting in the bedroom)
- Lighting the bed area (side),
- dressing table lighting,
- dressing room lighting (cabinets, mirrors),
- decorative lighting.

Private interior, Wroclaw Photo: STROP STUDIO, Cooperation: BERKE.

- General light
In case of the main luminaire, which is responsible for general lighting, it is worth to pay attention to evenly light the whole room. If we are not fond of general light or if the bedroom is a small room, we can easily resign from a luminaire giving such light. Appropriately placed spotlights or downlights will suffice and allow for optimal lighting of the bedroom.

MAXIME, Private interior, Wroclaw, Photo: STROP STUDIO, Project: JASNO

- Bed area
The key place in a bedroom is usually the bed area. Make sure to install luminaires on both sides of the bed, which will be a source of additional light, allowing us to both rest and read books. At the same time we can put not only wall lamps, which are the most popular solution, but also pendant or standing luminaires.

Private interior, Photo: Marek Swoboda Photography, Project: KODO
Top: Private interior, Photo: Strop Studio, Design: Monarchia.Design, Bottom: Private interior, Photo: Strop Studio, Design: ASFELD Studio

- Dressing table lighting
As with the lighting of the mirror in the bathroom, here we should also take care of the light, which is distributed evenly. Ideally suited to this are luminaires with a milk glass shade. Then the light is not even a little glaring, on the contrary - it has a soothing and calming effect. If the dressing table is also to be a place to apply makeup, it is important that the lighting was even, and the fixtures were located on both sides of the mirror.


- Closet lighting - Spot lighting
An interesting solution for larger bedrooms with separate dressing rooms are tracks with spotlights, which network can be designed from a single power outlet. When choosing such spotlights, pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the light angle and the possibility of adjusting the luminaire itself in terms of changing the light direction settings.
Tracks are great both in the dressing room and throughout the bedroom, because they are an alternative to fixtures that give general light.

maman-r-sp3-4380_produktowe_WApion (1)
MOI, Private interior, Photo: STROP STUDIO, Design: ASFELD Studio

- Decorative lighting
A floor lamp will also work well in the bedroom. Sometimes one such lamp is enough to create a cosy atmosphere in the bedroom at dusk. What is more, if you want to visually elevate the room and "add" space, we recommend a standing lamp, which emits light upwards. However, if we want to obtain a more intimate and intimate atmosphere in the interior, the light should be directed more downwards.

AMBIENTE, designed by Piotr Kalinowski, Photo: Lampefeber 21.01.08 Miljø 22563

The color of light in the bedroom
When choosing fixtures with an integrated LED source, pay attention to the color of light.

Light in the bedroom should be warm, soft and diffuse nicely. The most suitable color for the bedroom is between 2700 and 3000 K.

2700 K is warm (W/SW) and is ideal for interiors with natural, warm materials such as wood. On the other hand, 3000 K (NW, SNW) is a more neutral color, so it works well in modern interiors with shades of white or gray.
Light in a bedroom cannot offend or stimulate us. Do not choose a cold color (4000 K), which - when we are exposed to it longer - can stimulate us and tire our eyesight.

On the other hand, in individual zones in the bedroom, such as dressing table, desk or closet, it is recommended to use the color of 3000 K. Of course, depending on the design of these zones, we can use different colors of light in one room.

Private interior, Wroclaw Photo: STROP STUDIO, Cooperation: BERKE.

Additional features of light in the bedroom
In the bedroom we should be able to adjust the intensity of light, so it is worth thinking about the option of dimming luminaires, which is particularly helpful in obtaining the desired climate in the interior, depending on your preferences and needs.

In this room - as in the whole house - it will also be good to use skirting luminaires, which - combined with a motion sensor - will automatically light up at night, for example when we go to the bathroom.

Light control is also important. It is worth to think about it already at the stage of preparation of electrics - and for example a switch of the main light to be installed not only at the door in the room, but also at the bed, next to the switches of other luminaires. In this way we can adjust the lighting without getting out of bed.

And while we are passionate about lighting ourselves, we remember - and we all remember - to always turn them off at night. :)

SET 1: FLASK TOUCH DIM luminaire, 90% intensity
SET 2: FLASK TOUCH DIM luminaire, 15% intensity