MFlask R IN

Flask is a series of minimalist spotlights equipped with a high-quality integrated LED light source. The simple form of the spotlight is ideally suited to modern interiors.
Spot lighting, complementary, ideal for business premises, galleries, offices and residential interiors.

Flask headlights have amazing features:

• Beam angle adjustment allows smooth and precise adjustment from 15 ° to 40 °, even after fitting the luminaire.

• The built-in lens gives the highest quality of light available. It is obtained thanks to the exceptional purity of glass from the renowned Preciosa smelter. The specially selected structure softens the light and eliminates eye-straining contrasts. It absorbs 8% of light and distorts its color in only 6%.

• The movable reflector rotates up to 355 °. This allows you to direct the light in any direction.

• Luminaires are also available in the Sunlike technology that gives light that transfers the sun's energy to the interior. The full spectrum of sunlight allows for faithful reproduction of colors, and thus improves mood and concentration. Sunlike technology is in line with the "Human Centric Lighting" trend, which emphasizes the important role of light in interior design and its impact on our health. An additional advantage of Sunlike LEDs is that when dimming the luminaire color dynamics is maintained.

We supply the Flask IN series without a power supply, so you can choose for your installation either a power supply to which you will connect several luminaires, or a power supply with TRIAC or DALI dimming technology. The luminaire is designed for mounting in a plasterboard (12,5 mm).

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