Beep IN

Beep IN are ceiling recessed luminaires equipped with a very efficient 6 W LED source featuring output equivalent to a 50 W halogen bulb. Its high colour rendering index makes the light natural and ensures that colours look real. The luminaire’s increased tightness (IP65) and lowvoltage power supply unit make it perfect for applications in interiors with high humidity levels.
Basic, complementary and spotlighting. It will work perfectly as lighting for terraces or bathrooms but can also be fitted directly over a shower unit or at a swimming pool.

Private owner's interior, Design: PL.architekci, Photo: Tom Kurek

The Beep IN downlight with IP65 sealing allows this lamp to be used both in the bathroom, on a yacht or in a room where there are no special sealing requirements, providing dynamic, detail-oriented lighting.

At the heart of the lamp is an integrated LED light source, which replaces a 50W halogen bulb. The recessed light source reduces glare and the integrated glass lens disperses the light very precisely while maintaining high efficiency throughout the lamp's life cycle.

You can choose the colour of light to suit your interior:  

2700 K - for highlighting the warm colours of the south (ideal for lighting wood or meals ; favours relaxation) 
3000 K - to emphasise warm colours and white (ideal for illuminating multicoloured spaces with white and black) 
4000 K - for lovers of winter, white, as well as black and water colours 

When choosing a light source, remember that the higher the CRI, the better the colour reproduction. We offer two types of LEDs:

LEDs CRI ≥95 - light that perfectly reproduces colours. Fits wherever you do not need to dim the luminaires. 

Sunlike LEDs CRI ≥97 - light that transfers the energy of the sun to the interior.  It gives the full spectrum of light and, above all, retains the qualities of natural light, thereby improving well-being and concentration.  It complies with the healthiest trends of "Human Centric Lighting".  When dimmed, it preserves colour dynamics. It is ideal for offices, restaurants, museums and for the home.  

When choosing the lamp, you can change the colour of the reflector and select the colour of the light. The version with a black or gold reflector significantly reduces glare, the version with a white interior makes the lamp practically invisible. 

The lamp is supplied without a power supply - remember to order the appropriate power supply. 

Beep IN luminaires are now available in new standard colour variations:

- black / gold

- black / rose gold

- black / copper

Below is an overview photo of the textured finishes.


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