On the occasion of the upcoming Christmas and New Year 2022 we would like to wish you good health, a peaceful family atmosphere in the coming period and the fulfillment of your dreams, both private and professional.

As the entire Chors team, we would like to say a special thank you to all those who have shown their understanding and patience, and who have placed their trust in us by using our luminaires in all our projects. Every good word was and is worth its weight in gold.
We are doing everything to come back to you in the new year with more dynamics and to present more than once products that will continue to surprise you with their finish and quality of light.
We ourselves can not wait for the effects of implementation of several major projects in Poland, so we encourage you to observe our activities.

Please also note that the office is closed on 24.12.2021. We invite you to contact us after Christmas.

Best regards

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