Since the development of LED technology, we try to use the best solutions on the market and only those that have a positive effect on our health. This is important because modern technologies require a great deal of knowledge from users. LED technology gave us an energy-saving light source and lifted many design barriers. The use of different colors of light in the interior allows better and more efficient design. Unfortunately, there are also various risks associated with LED technology.

It is extremely important to pay attention to the quality of the modules used when choosing LED technology. The parameter that, among other things, defines the quality of the LEDs is the CRI. The low quality of LED light distracts, irritates our nervous system, and in extreme cases - due to excess blue light - irritates the yellow spot of the eye, which can lead to deterioration of vision.

Knowing all this, we try to use the best solutions on the market that do not directly harm our health, but are designed to affect us positively. That is why we decided to explain these important nuances when promoting our catalog and news. We will publish articles on concepts related to LED technology on our website. We encourage you to read practical tips this time about power supplies, their properties and configuration.

And now the first portion of news.

We are pleased to present a refreshed series of Fusion L, Fusion RT L and D luminaires. Each of these luminaires is available for 1, 2 and 3 light sources.

The Fusion L and Fusion RT L luminaires have been designed for operative, directional illumination of the highest quality dynamic light. They are available in two versions: advanced - for an efficient LED source from the spectrum of sunlight (Sunlike), with the function of angle adjustment and with a choice of light color or economical - for a light source with a G53 socket.


D - Reflector designed for mounting in a suspended ceiling in a recess, also dedicated to the D-Bay system.




Simple Fusion L, Fusion RT L, D L luminaires offer advanced and unique LED functions, have excellent lighting parameters and a very simple beam angle adjustment mechanism in the range of 15 ° and 60 °, also after fitting. More information can be found on the product pages.


Best regards

Chors team

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