Our well-known Hello wall mounted lamps are famous for their combination of a general lighting module and a spotlight with directional and adjustable lens. Ideal for those looking for interesting and functional bedside lighting. But not only! HELLO wall lamps also work well in the living room or dining room as supplementary lighting, as well as in commercial premises such as offices, hotels and galleries.


NOW! As standard, Hello wall mounted come in a TRIAC version for two circuits. This means that with the installation of a potentiometer we can regulate the intensity for the two light sources independently.

This version of the luminaire can also be controlled by a single potentiometer (1 circuit). Then the two light sources are regulated at the same time.

PLEASE NOTE: Luminaires with TRIAC power supplies can also be connected to a conventional ON / OFF switch. Then the luminaire operates on the on/off principle.


Hello II DIM is a version of the luminaire with two DIM switches (2 circuits), which is located on the lower part of the luminaire. A short press on the DIM switch switches the luminaire on and off, a longer press adjusts the light intensity.

By quickly pressing the switch twice, the SLEEP function is activated. That is, the luminaire is switched off automatically after 30 minutes!

Luminaire on the picture: Hello L II DIM black

An additional advantage of DIM switches is that the luminaire remembers the last light intensity level and will start at exactly the same brightness level.

Ideal in the bedroom for those who like to fall asleep with soft light or in children's rooms. From now on, you don't have to worry about switching off the luminaires before bedtime! :)

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